Friday, January 22, 2010

Seven Buffalo Schools Earn Distinctive Recognition

Seven Buffalo Public Schools were honored as "persistently lowest achieving" in New York State on Thursday. Bennett, Burgard, MLK, School 45, Riverside, Lafayette, and South Park High School made this exclusive list.
Officials at Grover Cleveland and East High School were said to be outraged at this obvious snub. "I don't understand it. We have all the things these schools have. Low test scores, kids roaming the halls, violence towards teachers, students bringing drugs to school... The whole selection process is unfair. Hopefully we'll lower our standards next year and catch up to these seven other zoos", an official at Grover stated.

Dr. Williams is on to the problem and will solve it the same way he always does, by changing the names of the schools involved. South Park will now be known as the Lynn DeJac School of Excellence. We tried to contact School Board President Ralph Pornandez for comment on this story, but he was too busy downloading filthy movies onto his district issued laptop.
One of the state's reform recommendations is for each of the schools to replace the principals and at least 50% of the current staff. How about replacing 90% of the students? It's not the staff's fault. Riverside's Principal Mike Mogavero, for example, does a terrific job. but his hands are tied. He can't help it that a large percentage of his students come to school with all the problems associated with poverty. Buffalo school officials need to stop dancing around the issues and hire the guy seen in these videos:

7 Buffalo schools on state list face reforms : Home: The Buffalo News


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