Thursday, January 7, 2010

School Board Meeting Turns Into a Three Ring Circus

If you want to read a funny article, read the following article regarding the Buffalo School District and their application for a $500,000 grant. One of the provisions is that they sign a document in favor of charter school expansion.

James Williams, to his credit, realizes it is a good move for the school district. He told the board, "This board is making a big mistake." You know it's good for the students when school board President Phil Rumore is against it. You can tell by this circus of a meeting who is in Rumore's and the teacher union's pocket. Board members Evans, Cahill, and Kapsiak would not sign it. Catherine Panepinto, Florence Johnson, John Licata, and Lou Petrucci just skipped the meeting. Perhaps Panepinto had more important things to do like scrubbing incriminating evidence from her district laptop.

Maybe the most ridiculous response came from school board President Ralph Pornandez. Pornandez, who vowed to bring an independent voice to the board when he came on a few years ago, refused to sign the grant application, without the full support of all other board members. So much for being an independent voice. Pornandez said, "I understand how demoralizing this must be for him (Dr. Williams). He's going out there pretty much naked." Naked? Bad choice of words from a guy who just recently was caught downloading porn onto his district issued laptop.
Williams denied backing for U. S. aid : Buffalo/Erie County : The Buffalo News

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