Thursday, January 7, 2010

Common Council's Interviewing Process is a Joke

If Councilmember Dave Franczyk wasn't annointed Councilman for life in the Fillmore district, he would be selling Polish sausages at the Broadway Market. Seriously, is this blowhard ever going to get a real job?

What an insult to the residents of the Ellicott District that the Buffalo Common Councilmembers go through this charade. They are talking to the media and by extension the public, as if politics isn't the only thing determining who will get Brian Davis' seat. Dave Franczyk, whose been in office for 65 years, describes Allen as "smart and savvy." How would he know? He's neither. Joseph Golombek's opinion shouldn't mean a whole lot, either. He tried to make himself out to be the council's independent voice until he recently began pimping himself out to the mayor. Go back to Riverside chump. It's just funny listening to these guys talk as if there is an actual interviewing process going on. Longtime Buffalo voters know better. We'd respect them more if they just came out and said it. The anti-Brown faction wants someone who is anti-Brown. The-pro Brown group wants someone aligned with the mayor. There's only one way to settle it. Put all the candidates in a boxing ring and have a ten man battle royal. Last person left in the ring gets the job.

Actually, here's a better idea. Eliminate most of the current seats on the common council and make the remaining ones part time. Do you really think there would be any difference in our "representation."? I highly doubt it.
Allen receives Fontana’s backing for Ellicott District Council seat : Buffalo/Erie County : The Buffalo News

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