Monday, January 18, 2010

One Man's Take on Riverside

This is funny. Users can edit things on Here is an article on the Riverside section of Buffalo. I know who edited this but I'm not sure he wants the notoriety or exposure, so he will remain nameless. If I patrolled the streets down there for many years, I might feel the same way about this neighborhood. My favorite part is the author's description of some of the residents as sociopaths, sexual deviates, and societal misfits. I'm just posting this to show that sometimes can be opinion mixed in with fact. Also, I wonder how long it will remain on the site before being edited itself.

[edit] Today

Currently, the Riverside area is well known throughout
Western New York for producing some of the worst examples of dirty, nose-picking, white trash known to man. With home prices so high in many other prosperous city neighborhoods such as Allentown, the Elmwood Village, and North Buffalo, Riverside offers potential slum lords more affordable options in an area known for sociopaths, sexual deviates and societal misfits. However, as a negative side-effect of low real estate prices, many of the small businesses that once existed along the commercial districts on Ontario and Tonawanda Streets have left. Nevertheless, some of the area's original mom and pop porno shops, methadone clinics, drug and alcohol half-way houses, tattoo parlors and junk yards are still going strong and servicing the demands of the neighborhood's filthy residents. Riverside is looked down on by most natives of Western New York for its well earned reputation as the White Trash Capital of the Universe.

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