Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Duke Student Lives in Van

Another story about a college student who can't afford tuition. Last Fall, there was the story about the UB student who opted to live in the woods instead of paying for housing. Today, there is the story of Ken Llgunas of Niagara Falls. Llgunas, who is a graduate student at Duke. He sleeps in a 1994 van which he parks on campus.

I can't blame him. These colleges are such a scam. First, tuition is outrageous. Then, they rip you off and make you but 2-3 overpriced textbooks per class. Finally, housing is ridiculous. Anyway, I thought the interesting part of the story was the work Llgunas and his friend did in Alaska. "The 49th state always had a mythical appeal to us, his friend said." They worked at a camp in Coldfoot, Alaska (population 30) giving tours of the Northern Lights. Llgunas also worked in the Arctic Circle as a park ranger. He reported seeing more wolves, grizzly bears, and moose than people. The administration at Duke has decided to look the other way and let him continue going to class smelling like garbage. Here's some rare footage of Llgunas and his friends preparing for their first day of class:

Debt drives Falls man to live in van at Duke : Home: The Buffalo News


  1. Living in a van and going to school gets you in the newspaper? I lived in a tent and I went to school in Fairbanks. During the winter. I thought people who lived in vans were soft. I have never enjoyed spring, before or since, as much as I did that year.

  2. haha. Now that's a story worthy of a newspaper article.

  3. I lived in my car in Austin. I am a 56 year old single female. My 3 townhouses are paid off. I held jobs in the fanciest office in downtown Austin. I showered at health clubs who give you so many passes for free and free Saturday Yoga comes with shower passes.

    My HP Mini holds a 9 hour charge. I did this for 6 months. Never told anyone. I'm going somewhere else and do the same thing. Most fun I ever had.