Sunday, January 24, 2010

Blow off Your Steam Recap-Volume 6

Pat called the Metro Community News with a heavy heart. She says she was introduced to South Buffalo by her husband. She says, "South Buffalonians, You are special (at least we know Tim Kennedy is), You're honest, loyal, super mindful of others, generous, and humorous. (Most people I know from South Buffalo are cheap. And we all saw how loyal Brian Higgins and Tim Kennedy were when they supported Steve Urkel over one of their neighbors).

She says we all know in our hearts that Brian, Tim, Mark, and Mickey(she forgot Dopey and Sneezy) all care about the community and are doing such a terrific job. Brian, Mark, and Timmy are all products of the political machine. Mickey ran against the machine and I think he and Mark are willing to suffer politically from time to time to benefit the community. Brian would throw Pat and all of her neighbors under a greyhound bus if it made him look good or even remotely helped his career. Timmy's not even a factor because he does whatever Brian tells him to do. He is NOT a leader of any kind and is about as bright as Potsie from Happy Days.

Pat says she truly believes that Mark, Brian, Mickey, and Tim can help make Buffalo a great community again. Are you freaking kidding me? She must have forgot that Brian Higgins has been in office since the 1980s and presided over the mass exodus of hundreds of thousands of citizens to other parts of the country. She says we need all of them working for us. No, actually we could do a great deal better with less of them working for us. In fact, we wouldn't even notice if half of them were gone. She closes by saying,"I have no doubt that the special flavor that is South Buffalo will shine through in them for all of us." I highly doubt it, Pat.

I'm sorry. I have to wipe the tears off my eyes. I thought it was Blow Off Your Steam? Pat is looking at things with rose colored glasses and apparently taking lots of illegal drugs. She just presupposes that Tim, Mark, Brian, Mickey, and Ringo will be in office for the next 20 years. Of course they will, because Pat's neighbors don't do any research on who they are voting for(if they even bother to vote at all). It's people like Pat that make these guys think they are movie stars. I like your optimism to a point Pat but wake up and smell the coffee. Keep holding on to you dreams...

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