Friday, January 1, 2010

Water Board Approves Rate Hike-Paladino Vows Lawsuit

The Buffalo Water Board approved their rate increase at a meeting in city hall on Wednesday. No surprise there. However, local developer Carl Paladino has vowed to sue the Board and has called for the City and State Comptrollers to conduct an audit of them. He's also called for independent forensic auditors. That's my big phrase for the day, brought to you by Carubba Collision. Trust your car to Carubba Collision.

Watch how quickly the Water Board backs down now that they know the microscope is on them. They don't want the average resident to see who's on their bloated payroll and how much they are making. I have a feeling they won't get away with the proposed increase. It's just another effort to tax already overtaxed residents, support their huge salaries and payroll, and drive more homeowners out of Buffalo. Someone should show up at the next hearing and shoot water pistols at members of this board. Nice try losers. Next.
Water Board approves rate increases : Latest Local News : The Buffalo News


  1. Just looked at the 14220 contributions to Mayor Brown... how sad for Kearns that his own sister donated to the mayor:

    BUFFALO, NY 14220 50.00 03-DEC-08 BROWN FOR BUFFALO 2009 January Periodic A Mayor N/A"

    Sorry for posting this here - wasn't too sure where it belonged!

  2. Sorry, A**hole. She works for the city and had to buy a ticket. Micky was well aware of this.

  3. "Just looked at the 14220 contributions to Mayor Brown... how sad for Kearns that his own sister donated to the mayor:"

    She was probably threatened like everyone else. Maybe she got an email from Tonya Perrin-Johnson "asking" her to donate to the mayor.

  4. the Harvin guy who stole thehandicap permits fr city hall is rumored to have landed a comfy job at the water authority

  5. is that so? interesting. do you (or does anyone else) know his full name? as soon as we can verify it, it sounds like a story that needs to be told. if he's selling stolen handicapped stickers, he shouldn't be given a job at the water authority..