Sunday, January 10, 2010

5 Minutes of Hell

If you watch the following YouTube montage I compiled, you might find yourself asking for the last five minutes of your life back.It has everything:local politics, great acting, great music, and a funny face.

It all started when some of our local rift raft got together to praise themselves for using our money for the Cazenovia ice rink, Tosh Collins, and the Cazenovia Pool. They went out and got Chicago Blackhawk Patrick Kane and Buffalo Sabre Tim Kennedy to use as props to try and promote their own political careers. Brian Higgins and Tim Kennedy were both on hand (along with Mayor Steve Urkel). As everyone knows, those three are known for spending countless hours volunteering in the community. Little did they know, one of our correspondents was lurking in the bushes to provide commentary for this important event. I apologize in advance for the results that followed:

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