Monday, January 18, 2010

Lafayette High School

Teachers at Lafayette High School say under principal Fatima Morrell, the students are running the school. Lafayette has a four year graduation rate of under 50%. One comment from a recent survey of teachers says the school is "on the edge of despair." Another says, "Students get away with telling teachers off, being disruptive and rude. The students have figured out that they are running the building." Sounds like 70% of the schools in the city.

School Board President Ralph Pornandez recommended that Superintendent Williams send a senior staff member to deal with the teachers' concerns. Let me save you the trouble. Stop making proven failures like Fatima Morrell principals at these tough schools. This lady was removed from school #31 in 2007 after complaints from parents, teachers, and students. (They forgot to mention custodians.)

Put some people in these schools that aren't going to tolerate students acting like thugs at school. Have at least two schools assigned as alternative schools for the kids that act disrespectful or violent in class. Currently, there is only one. They need to be separated from the students that realize the opportunity for an education is a privilege and not a right. Stop trying to save everyone and focus on the kids and parents that value an education.
Lafayette teachers criticize principal : City & Region : The Buffalo News#comment#comment#comment#comment


  1. Education is a right! It is not a priveledge that needs to be earned. I think the proper argument would be to say that it is not a right to get in the way of everyone else's education. But really, does that matter? Of course not. Families and kids that stress the importance of education are the only ones that actually benefit.

  2. Yes. I do agree with you. However, there are so many other countries where only the wealthy have the opportunity to get an education.I guess I meant that many families here take this opportunity for granted. What you said about getting in the way of everyone else's education is very true.