Wednesday, January 27, 2010

No Carpetbagging Zone

I don't know if I like people moving into other states just to run for office. To me, having lived somewhere a long time should be a must. I didn't like it when Hillary Clinton moved to NY just in time to run for Senator. Then she gets here, promises 150,000 jobs for upstate, then leaves to become Secretary of State. It's the same thing with Harold Ford. He probably knows about as much about New York state as you or I know about his home state of Tennessee. I'm definitely not a fan of Kristen Gillibrand either, but I think the person running against her should be a native New Yorker. You're telling me there's not one New York resident willing to challenge her? I thought these were leadership positions born out of some kind of grassroots ideology. In the future, are these guys going to be like NFL players? Represent one state and then get traded to another? It's almost like these national politicians think of themselves as entertainers first. The whole thing reminds me of the movie Back to the Future. The scientist in 1955 refused to believe that Michael J. Fox was from 1985 because Fox told him Ronald Reagan was the President in 1985. Later, once this is proven true to the scientist and he is shown a video camera, he says, "No wonder your president has to be an actor. He has to look good on television." This would be funny if it weren't true.

Back to the Gillibrand race, they're now in the namecalling phase of the election. Gillibrand called Ford a parakete the other day or Ford called Gillibrand a parakete. I can't remember. It doesn't really matter. What's the difference? Why isn't there a third candidate? This whole race makes me think about the song "Southern Man" where Canadian Neil Young talks about the racial problems of the South. Later Lynyrd Skynyrd wrote the song Sweet Home Alabama and said, "I hope Neil Young will remember. A Southern man doesn't need him around anyhow."The South's racial issues notwithstanding, I think there's something to be said for actually being from the place you want to represent. Hopefully, the Republicans wil forward this on Twitter and I'll have 1,000,000 hits tomorrow.
Gloves off in Kirsten Gillibrand vs. Harold Ford fight - Manu Raju and Glenn Thrush -

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