Monday, January 4, 2010

Noman Sworn in In Lackawanna

Congratulations to my good friend Abdul Noman of Lackawanna. Yesterday, he was sworn in as their first Arab-American Councilmember. There are 4,000 Yemenites in Lackawanna, making up roughly 1/4 of the city's population. I didn't know there were 4,000 Yemenites in Yemen. Noman is a good man who has done great things for years in Lackawanna's 1st Ward.
State Senator Bill Stachowski was in attendance at the swearing in ceremony and reportedly said, "I've been absolutely invisible in your neighborhood for the last 30 years. However, I'm going to be in a tough race this year so I will be begging for your support. Shalom." When asked to comment on this news in Lackawanna, former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Ron Jaworski said, "Lackawanna? Is that near Pittsburgh?"
Arab-American sworn into office : Southern Suburbs : The Buffalo News

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