Monday, January 18, 2010

Oops-FBI Compares Random Guy to bin laden

From the How could they let this happen? department: The FBI wanted to give people a digitally enhanced picture of what Osama Bin Laden might look like today at age 52. An FBI forensic artist thought it might be a good idea to use an image of a Spanish lawmaker taken from Google images as a model for the updated picture of the terrorist. Surprisingly, the Spanish guy has become a little upset.

Hey FBI: You might want to remind people that Bin Laden is a 6 foot 6 Arabian guy surrounded by people that are on average about 5 foot 6. That might be a good start. If I was you, you might want to check all the over-40 basketball leagues in Pakistan.
Spanish lawmaker's photo used for bin Laden poster : National : The Buffalo News

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