Thursday, March 8, 2012

The endorsement Chris Fahey doesn't want you to know about

Some critics say we don't talk about the issues, so let's talk about them. A looming issue for any candidate for statewide office is gay marriage. One needs to look no further than Mark Grisanti to see what a polarizing issue it can be.

An alert reader from Lackawanna (birthplace of the Blogger), sent me a recent political cartoon from Artvoice Magazine. The cartoon blasts both Catholics and Conservatives. (I guess if you're on the Left, it's ok to be intolerant towards these groups.

Anyway, I don't begrudge groups like the Stonewall Democrats. They have a clear agenda and would be the first to admit it. Made up mostly of homosexuals, they obviously are a strong proponent of gay marriage, and it is their right to do so. The district Mickey Kearns and Chris Fahey hope to represent, however, is predominantly Catholic and predominantly conservative. I don't know if the majority of the constituents in this district feel the same way on the issue as Chris Fahey does.

The constituents have the right to know where each candidate stands on the ssue of gay marriage. Kearns did not seek out the endorsement of the Stonewall Democrats. However, Fahey did, but doesn't want your conservative neighbors to know it. He hasn't mentioned it on any of his fliers or commercials. Here's a comment from Artvoice, which was found underneath this cartoon...

I’m supporting Chris Fahey for State Assembly in the special election in the
145 AD. He received the endorsement of the Stonewall Democrats of WNY and I’m
proud to have voted for him in both the Erie County Democratic Executive Committee and the Stonewall Club meeting.

I hope all you Democrats out there in South Buffalo, Lackawanna, W. Seneca, etc. get out and vote for him on March 20 in the special election.

Comment by Bruce Kogan — March 1, 2012

So when Chris Fahey tells your grandmother at the Irish Center what a good Catholic boy he is, have her ask him where he stands on the issue of gay marriage. I realize many people are in favor of the new law. However, I don't think you can count most elderly conservative Catholics among them. This is a tightrope Chris Fahey has chosen to walk. Perhaps it's why most of his contributions are coming from New York City special interest groups. Interesting.



  1. Wow! What a scandal! Gays are supporting him! Next hell shake hands with a colored.

  2. Nobody said anything about it being scandalous. It's simply a very legitimate issue in a conservative neighborhood. Many people will vote for or against him based on this issue alone.

  3. What would people in progressive Allentown have to say about a candidate who opposed gay marriage? They'd be doing everything they could to make sure he/she didn't win. And that would be their right.

    I'm not Catholic, but Catholics vote, too and the Church has a clear stance on this issue.It believes marriage should be between a man and a woman.

  4. you are not catholic ? then there was a guy that looks like you collecting money at st. Agatha for years.

  5. Where does Mr. Kearns stand on this issue? There are two people in this race and when an issue arises both candidates stances should be reported on. Tim Kennedy, Brian Higgins, and Mark Schroeder have supported this measure in the past so Chris Fahey will be held to a different standard? No so stop trying to make something out of nothing. I will admit if you do admit it will be extremely comical, and I'm looking forward to your future candidacy.

  6. "you are not catholic ? then there was a guy that looks like you collecting money at st. Agatha for years."

    former catholic. i haven't been to a catholic church in years.

  7. "Tim Kennedy, Brian Higgins, and Mark Schroeder have supported this measure in the past so Chris Fahey will be held to a different standard?"

    Of course they did. Why would we expect Fahey to do ANYTHING different than these guys? He's a clone and currently at 29% in my informal poll.

    I wouldn't run in a race unless I thought I could be a factor in it. In a 3 person race against your moronic friend, I will do just fine. That, I can assure you.

  8. Your informal poll is only voted on by people who visit your site. You do not collect demographics on the people who visit your site, therefore the validity of this poll is extremely questionable.

  9. I agree with you 100%. It is completely unscientific. The only numbers that mean anything are the ones that come out on March 20th. But, when people visit this site, the perception is there (much like with lawn signs). And I think perception is big in politics. I don't think all the 150 people responding, agree with me. In fact, I don't know if there are 150 people in the world who agree with me.

  10. Hopefully when Fahey wins in a landslide you will fold up your blog and realize your a fraud and joker.I see you are already backing down from running for office.Could it be you might be afraid that people will ask you to explain all the money youve taken from soccer scam you have going and never declare or pay taxes????. We are all on to you

  11. Why would I fold up my blog? You're so confident he's going to win in a landslide, you don't sign your name? i've done the best i could with soccer for the last 21 years. currently 3 out of our 4 of our A level girls teams are in 1st place against clubs like amherst, clarence, hamburg, etc. the other is in 2nd place. their only loss 1-0 to lockport. 1 loss in 22 games. we also have 3 very successful neighborhood leagues at tosh collins.

    please make accusations against me. i'm not even in charge of the club (haven't been for the last 11 years.)our registration fees are considerably lower than ALL other clubs. the parents would have my back and you'd awaken a sleeping giant. if fahey had volunteered in the community the last 21 years instead of prostituting himself to brian higgins, he WOULD win in a landslide. as it is, the only people he knows apparently live on mckinley pkwy. koester st has 8 kearns signs on it. apparently, your 40 yr scam is the one people are finally on to.

  12. BTW, I'm waiting to find out when petitions come out and have already contacted some potential 3rd candidates. why would i be afraid of Slow Tim?

  13. Someone that will be voting the 20thMarch 11, 2012 at 3:36 PM

    Where do these two stand on Medical Marijuana? Honestly I'd like to know. It's an industry that if set up correctly can be a windfall for NYS. Please save the shitty stoner jokes for someone that might find them amusing... as residents in a state with a deficit of our caliber we aught be better than that by now. California has made mistakes in their legislation, NYS doesn't have to. When this proposition was on the table a few years ago I spoke to one of our state represantaives that didn't like the legislation becuse it was a carobon copy of the California legislation. NYS is in a position to do it the right way, the state can close the gap with the tax dollars this billion dollar industry generates. Not to mention the jobs that it will create. Christ, entire towns in California have seen enconmic growth that hasn't happened since the Gold Rush.

    I'm tired of hearing why I shouldn't vote for one or the other becuse they're part of the South Buffalo political machine. The fact is that both candidates are products of this machine. I know more about Leslie Knop's* stance on issues in a fictional race than I do about Kearns and Fahey's stance on real issues.

    *Lieslie Knop is a fictional character played by Amy Pohler on Park's & Recreation, NBC Thursdays. If you don't watch... You should.

  14. You make a very good point. It would be interesting to see where both of these guys stand on the issue. I think the best plan for your idea is to start a grassroots campaign with likeminded New Yorkers. These two are politicians and will never do anything unless a large group calls for it. I don't smoke pot,but it doesn't seem any more dangerous than alcohol. And if someone is in pain, they should have the right to alleviate the pain.

  15. The gears have been turning for close to a decade on this in NYS. It's going to be on the table again while one of these two holds a seat in the NYS Assembly. Mexico and a bunch of South American countries are planing to out right legalize the entire drug trade. I don't blame them, our gutters havn't flown with enough blood to consider such a thing. Shit, the tax dollars that this would generate would close the gap on NYS's deficit and fund a viable public health program that can actually help addicts.