Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Don't Let Kennedy Buy Stachowski's Seat

Erie County Legislator Tim Kennedy (pictured here) will be working with Steve Pigeon and spending Tom Golisano's money to try and buy your vote in 2010. Don't fall for it.

I read this article in Artvoice as I was preparing to line the bottom of my bird cage. Just kidding. I don't own a bird. The author, Jeremy Toth, gives his insight into the NY State Senate race shaping up in 2010. Senator Bill Stachowski is considered vulnerable. He barely escaped reelection last year with a slim victory over former Buffalo Police detective Dennis Delano. Toth, a self proclaimed political hack, describes the backroom deals going on in this race.

It looks like the antichrist Steve Pigeon is working with Brian Higgins to try and overthrow Stachowski. Pigeon, Tom Golisano's human ATM, wants to control the Senate. Higgins wants to control the Erie County Democratic Party. Both oppose the party's chairman Len Lenihan. Neither cares about you or I. This is evidenced by the fact they are considering running the disabled Tim Kennedy against Stachowski. You can bet Tom Golisano will write a blank check for Brian Higgin's intellectually challenged little hand puppet. Here's how Toth puts it in his article:

Democratic Legislator Tim Kennedy is at the heart of this particular conspiracy. He plans to run against State Senator Bill Stachowski, a fellow Democrat, who most people believe is weak and can be beaten in a primary. Kennedy will take his shot at the seat next year, whether or not Stachowski retires. But he needs money. In walks Pigeon with promises of Golisano money, and Kennedy is wrapped up like a Christmas present. Moreover, Kennedy’s political team, led by Congressman Brian Higgins, is looking to take out Len Lenihan as chairman of the Erie County Democratic Party, a goal Pigeon shares. What better way to weaken Lenihan than control the chair of the Democratic Legislature? It is a confluence of interests that puts Higgins and Kennedy on the same side as Pigeon.

I can tell you this. I don't care who runs. Tim Kennedy and Bill Stachowski are both gutless. Neither one respects volunteers in their district. I'm a reluctant protest candidate. I like working with kids and making fun of these idiots through satire. When I ran for Councilman in 2001, I didn't even know how to send an email and we got over 33% of the vote in a three person race against an entrenched incumbant. Now, I have well over 1,000 email contacts. My masters degree in Education and community involvement (19 years of coaching thousands) surpasses both of these fools. I can tie Stachowski to Albany corruption and 28 years of incompetence. Kennedy is a known Higgins stooge without a mind of his own. Higgins and Kennedy
recently supported Byron Brown over one of their own neighbors. I believe the people of South Buffalo will not soon forget this. If not, it will be my job to remind them. Just remember. They do not want normal citizens to be part of the political process.
Why Pigeon Matters

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