Thursday, December 10, 2009

Brian Higgins' Triple Dipper

Thanks to the internet, it is becoming harder and harder for people to cover things up. One of my roving sources sent me this website which shows the salaries of all Brian Higgins' (and every other Congressmans' staff. I never knew Higgins had Superman on his payroll. Richard Finnegan works full time for the Board of Education. He also works part time for Erie County at the Flickinger Center. According to this website, he also gets paid by you and I to work for Congressman Brian Higgins! In 2006, he made $12,000 through Higgins. In 2007, it was $16,000. Don't worry. He did better in 2008 bringing in $19,250. Not bad for a third job.The question is when does he have time to earn such big part time money? Brian would you care to enlighten the blogging community? After all, it is our money you are giving to him.

Finnegan must possess an amazing skills set to work for the city, county, and federal governments. What's the matter? NY State wasn't hiring? Is it an amazing work ethic or an uncanny ability to kiss up to the right people? When Finnegan tells you your neighborhood needs to elect certain endorsed candidates, now you know why. He forfeited his manhood to Higgins and company years ago. I think Brian Higgins owes the readers of this blog and all of his constituents an explanation. They'll tell you I'm crazy and I make stuff like this up. Here's the data from an established website. You know, it's sites like this where I get most of the information that I "make up".

Richard M Finnegan - Congressional Staffer Salary Data

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*Coming Soon- While you and I struggle to pay our bills,Brian Higgins secretary rakes in $80,000/yr.

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