Wednesday, December 23, 2009

First Absconder

Interesting. I wonder if he really needed to get somewhere or just wanted to turn on the lights. Apparently, a lawyer caught up with him before police arrived at the scene...
NH man charged with stealing ambulance
The Associated Press
Updated: December 23, 2009

Police say an ambulance idling outside a New Hampshire hospital was stolen and the suspect needed to be subdued with a stun gun after being tracked down 18 miles away.
WMUR-TV reports that 26-year-old Stephen Cummings Jr. of Nashua has been charged with stealing the ambulance Tuesday afternoon. Police needed a "rolling roadblock" to get him to stop the ambulance.
Police say the ambulance was taken outside Lakes Region Hospital after its crew had left the vehicle for about 15 minutes to pick up a patient. In winter, ambulances are often kept running to keep them warm.
Stewart's Ambulance Service officials say they're reviewing their policies.
Court officials say Cummings is being held for lack of $10,000 bail. It was unclear Wednesday whether he had a lawyer.

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