Sunday, December 6, 2009

Anyone Want to Win an Easy $50?

I'm looking to get my link out and could really use your help. I could rely on your compassion and loyalty but I've always found that bribery works better.

The only advertising I've done for this blog has been through word of mouth. The reason is pretty clear. I'm broke as a joke. However, I've found $50 to give away to one lucky reader. All I need you to do is send an email to your friends with the blog's link (from the end of this post) in it and you will be eligible for the drawing (which will take place sometime in January.) You just have to copy and paste it into the email.

You don't have to send it to everyone in your email address book (although that would be nice). Please just send it to at least 10 of your friends along with a few words about the blog. Remember to send a copy of the email to and I will literally put your name in a hat to win $50. We're getting about 50 hits/day and I'd like to double that. Thank you in advance for your help. If you have any questions, please email me. Now start writing. It could put $50 in your pocket.

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