Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Channel 4 Has no Comment on Cejka Incident

What was once a story about a creepy weatherman with strange fashion choices has now evolved into a story about censorship. The Buffalo News has the police report that the Lockport Police forwarded to the courts. However, they appear to be giving a "pass" to one of their media colleagues. Many of the comments under the story point out that the news has had no problem exposing regular citizens in the past. Other readers think the News is doing the right thing out of respect for Cejka's family.

It's ironic that you get more information from the readers' comments than from the actual story itself. The homeowner and owner of the motorcycle makes a point in stating that his family does not know Cejka. He also says the police believe Cejka was running in an effort to do a "quick change"(early 90s movie starring Bill Murray) out of his leather chaps and into more socially acceptable attire (a chicken suit perhaps?). And yes, to answer the most common question on the minds of most of my readers, they were rear-end-less chaps, according to unnamed Lockport police sources. They also state that they think Cejka was engaging in some type of weird fetish activity at 4AM next to the bike. No word yet on whether Don Postles was involved.

Channel 4 has no comment on Cejka incident : Latest Local News : The Buffalo News#comment#comment#comment#comment

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