Wednesday, December 9, 2009

West Seneca Town Board Suspends Code Officer

What's going on in West Seneca? Last week, they fired their longtime dog catcher. Today, they announced they were suspending their code enforcement officer without pay. They gave no reason for either. According to one citizen quoted in the paper, this code enforcement officer was arrogant and belligerent. "The way he talks to people, he needs a beating", the man is quoted as saying. Sounds like the words of a very frustrated taxpayer.

Some residents say he does not enforce town codes equally. There are two sides to every story. However, some of these municipal workers possess a false sense of superiority. This guy was being paid $113,000/yr. He should be bending over backwards for the taxpayers, not acting like he is better than them. If the allegations are true, he should be held accountable.

This guy and the famous dog catcher should both go over to the abandoned Seneca Mall parking lot and go fly a kite.

Code enforcement chief suspended without pay by W. Seneca board : Southern Suburbs : The Buffalo News

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