Monday, December 7, 2009

Kearns to Start New Political Group

This was an interesting article in yesterday's Viewpoints section of the News. It talks about how Michael Kearns is looking to start a new group aimed at being a counter to Brian Higgins' group and Goin' South's group (Ray McGurn and his five friends). I say good for him. Look for Kearns to get this going in early 2010. Anything new is better than the current status-quo choices we are faced with now.
Bob McCarthy: Kearns looks to the future : Robert McCarthy : The Buffalo News
Speaking of Kearns, he reports that a special meeting will take place Tuesday (tomorrow) at 5Pm in City Hall on the 13th floor (Council Chambers). The meeting is the public's chance to ask questions about the mayor's capital improvement spending plan. $18 million dollars is being divided throughout the city. The South District received $0. Please help spread this message and show up and voice your concerns.

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