Saturday, December 26, 2009

Pigeon & Kennedy: Working Against Your Best Interests

This editorial was in today's Buffalo News. It is from somebody very experienced in Buffalo backroom politics. It talks about how Tim Kennedy is working behind the scenes with Steve Pigeon. Just remember, if Steve Pigeon is involved, you know it is not in the best interest of local residents. If he's involved, it is to benefit Steve Pigeon and nobody else. The voters in South Buffalo are an open minded group. I believe they will see right through these two liars and be open to a protest candidate in this race.Just remember, they do not want ordinary citizens to be involved in the process. A vote for Kennedy is a vote for Pigeon and the status quo. Just remember, Brian Higgins and Tim Kennedy told you how great Bill Stachowski was just two years ago. This past year, they supported Byron Brown over one of your neighbors. Then, we all saw the South District get left out of Brown's spending plan and we have yet to hear a word about this from Higgins or Kennedy. Why anyone would support Kennedy is beyond me. Please don't be fooled by their lies.
Pigeon’s response to allegations is preposterous : Another Voice : The Buffalo News

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