Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lockport:Lights, Camera, Aching Back?

This story in today's Buffalo News was kind of funny. Lockport city Fire Captain Michael Collette has been out indefinitely on workman's comp with a bad back. Apparently, he has some enemies within the town. Someone reported that he is seen playing the bank security guard in the new Keanu Reeve's movie Henry's Crime. Nothing like adults who tattle on other adults. Just like the politically connected person who anonymously sent this blog to my boss and said that I was an admitted morphine addict. I pointed out that it also says in my profile that I wrote the song Born to Run for Bruce Springsteen. "Nobody likes a tattle tale, Danny. Except me, of course." Chevy Chase in Caddyshack
Fire captain on worker’s comp suspected to have bit part in film : Niagara County : The Buffalo News


  1. Really?

    So it's the fault of the guy who alerted the mayor, and not the fault of the person lying?

    You ARE quite the pathetic apologist, aren't you?

  2. "alerted the mayor"= tattled. I'm not saying it's anyone's fault. If he's lying, he should be punished. It's just my two cents about adults that enjoy telling on other adults.They are a special breed.

  3. So, if someone knew that someone else was ripping people off, they should just keep their mouth shut?

    Great plan.

    So you're a big fan of the anti-snitch campaign?

    Because, you know, talking to the police to stop violent crime is much worse then allowing it to happen in the first place. RIght?

  4. we're talking about telling on someone for violating a workman's comp case. who's talking about violent crime? maybe this fireman is a jerk. i don't know him. i just thought it was a funny story because of the reeves angle. nothing else.