Sunday, December 20, 2009

Brian Higgins $80,000/yr Part Time Secretary

Our staff has been diligently going over the numbers. We told you recently about Richard Finnegan, the South Buffalo political hack who receives $20,000 to perform his third job for Brian Higgins. A no-show job that seems to be without a job description or any duties. Where can we get one of those?

Now, we will go inside the numbers and look at the salary of one of Brian Higgins' several $80,000/year secretaries Veronica Kane-Lockwood. You might remember her as the former city Councilmember who brought you the "temporary" garbage tax you get in your mailbox every year. That year, Kane-Lockwood was prostituting herself and your tax dollars to the highest bidder who just happened to be then mayor Tony Masiello.

Her title on Higgins' payroll is (get ready to laugh) Senior Field Representative for Special Projects. I wonder how many of these deep thinkers it took to come up with that title? Translation=She shows up and carries the clipboard when Higgins tells us Bass Pro will be announcing their arrival in 10 years (right after the new Peace Bridge is constructed).
Many of us have been forced to take pay cuts the last few years due to the economy. But don't worry, not Kane-Lockwood. In 2006, her salary was $57,000. The next year, she squeaked by at just over $72,000. In 2008, she barely avoided having to go to the local food pantry and "earned" about $76,000. I wonder how much she will steal from the taxpayers this year as you and I less entitled citizens struggle to pay our utility bills each month. Kane-Lockwood's resume' might as well just say, "daughter of Don Kane". After all, if it wasn't for that fact, she'd be working at Delta Sonic,not making $80,000/yr.
Veronica Kane Lockwood - Congressional Staffer Salary Data

Brian Higgins has lost touch with the common person. He has absolutely nothing in common with the poorer people in his district. We will continue to investigate Higgins along with every other incumbent in Western NY. Thank you to the several hundred people who read my opinions last week. We'd like to dedicate the following clip to Veronica Kane-Lockwood, the entitled daughter of Don Kane. How much of your hard earned tax dollars will she be given? $90,000? $100,000?

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