Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Blow off Your Steam Recap-Volume 2

There was not much steam being blown off this week. For some reason, the Metro Community Snews never made it down my street on Sunday. Don't ask me how I survived. I was able to steal a copy today from a friend's house.

The most common question I get besides why are you such an a-hole? is Was that your column I read in the Metro Community News? Unfortunately, every other male in S. Buffalo is named Mike. Had I been named Ezekiel, I doubt if there would be so much confusion. Anyway, I can assure you the answer is no. I was banned from this publication a few years ago for talking about things your local representatives didn't want discussed in public. This was actually one of the reasons for the creation of this website.

Jack-wrote in about the utility raises. He correctly points out that you can't win. If you conserve to save money, they simply tell you they didn't make enough money and raise your rates. That's what happens when you're a monopoly and don't have to deal with any competition. Jack also talks about how the spokespeople and chief executives are all former politicians and their relatives. The salaries they give themselves are criminal. Just another reason for us to vote out just about every incumbant. In short, I agree with Jack. The people that run these utility companies should be behind bars. Crooks.

Hilda-Upset that a previous writer (Deanna) referred to Councilman Kearns as a "homeboy" last week. I think Hilda implies that Deanna is black. I don't know how this can be inferred from print (or if it's even relevant). She tells Deanna to move back to the Masten district if she likes Byron Brown and dislikes Kearns so much. I don't know about that but Hilda correctly points out that Byron Brown shows up whenever there is a TV camera. The thing is, Deanna was complaining about her street not being plowed. Byron Brown appoints a Streets Commissioner whose job it is to get the streets plowed.It is not the Councilmember's job. In any event, I was happy that they were able to plow my street in a timely fashion. If they decided to plow my street after reading some of my articles on Brown, they'll plow anyone's.

Mike (not me) was also upset with Deanna's use of the word homeboy. At least she didn't call him her home skillet. Mike calls Deanna uneducated on civic matters. He speaks highly of former mayor Griffin and Kearns. He also speaks highly of Kennedy, which forces one to tell Mike he should educate himself on the issues a little more. The guy works 15 hours a week and hasn't made a decision on his own since he was "appointed" County Legislator by Brian Higgins and his evil friends. He must be stopped.

I know it's Christmas but please call or send in your complaints to the Metro Community News next week so I have something to write about.

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