Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dumb vs Dumber

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According to an article in today's Buffalo News, Erie County Legislator Tim Kennedy will announce a challenge to fellow career politician Bill Stachowski. Pictured on the left is Kennedy making his announcement in front of McDonalds, the only place where anyone in South Buffalo knows him.

The attached article is so outrageous, I don't even know where to begin. Kennedy says, "I sat down with Stachowski out of respect for his three decades of public service." He says this as if sitting on ones ass for three decades as a career politician is to be commended. Believe me, that's what Kennedy hopes to do with your help.

Kennedy along with Brian Higgins, it should be noted, recently backed Byron Brown over Mickey Kearns, who overwhelmingly carried South Buffalo in the mayor's race. The citizens of South Buffalo will remember this. Many are very upset at Higgins and Kennedy over recent reports that South Buffalo received zero dollars out of $18 million dollars earmarked by Brown for the rest of the city.

Kennedy is looking for support and tons of money from Tom Golisano and his parasitic sidekick Steve Pigeon. Fellow South Buffalo Democrat Mark Schroeder is quoted in the article as calling Kennedy's challenge "disrespectful". Schroeder at least has a positive track record. He has worked hard to reinvigorate Seneca St. Kennedy's done absolutely nothing as a County Legislator. He is never seen in his office. He calls Brian Higgins each morning to find out what tie he should wear to work. His greatest strength is that people don't know him. Anyone with 1/2 a brain wouldn't vote for him if they did. He's a bottom feeder and nothing but fluff. Higgins and company love him because they know he's a puppet (just like Stachowski was for the last 28 years.)

I hope this race turns into a free-for-all. I think what it might need is an independent blogger to run a protest campaign. Why not? I'm smarter than Kennedy, write a better blog, have a master's degree, know more people than him, can't do what I really want to do (work with kids) because I'm not from an entitled family, and have a track record getting programs done in the community (without government funding).

I'm sure all the entitled families will line up behind Brian Higgin's candidate. That's nothing but self preservation on their part. But I know South Buffalo voters, especially those in the private sector fighting the status-quo, will choose an independent candidate over a puppet. This is going to be an interesting Spring.
Kennedy readies challenge to Stachowski : City & Region : The Buffalo News

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