Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Strange but True

Yesterday, the blog reached somewhat of a milestone as over 100 visitors came to the site in a 24 hour period. The only thing I can guarantee is that the graphics will remain from the 18th Century no matter how many people read it.

I'm still not exactly sure what blogging is. I just learned how to send an email in 2002. My writing is sub par. That I know for sure. I think the main thing is to talk about topics people want to hear about, and keep the posts short. Who knows? Thank you to everyone for stopping by, including my political rivals. It wasn't my intention to fight but that's what you clearly are looking for. I guess it's my obligation to give you what you want. If that includes a protest candidacy here and there, so be it. Don't worry. Just like you said a few months ago, nobody will read the blog anyway. I'll see you soon after we break 1,000 visitors per day.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great Christmas. I'll see you in the cafeteria line...

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