Monday, December 28, 2009

Blow off Your Steam Recap-Volume 3

Bill-Talks about a recent incident he witnessed at school 27 (Hillery Park Academy). Parents were asked to park a little bit away from the school for the safety of the students. A few of the parents chose to drive through the lot. They threatened the administrators and staff at the school when informed they were blocking the doors. Bill is shocked that these parents seemed oblivious to the poor example they were setting to their kids. Bill, you're witnessing the result of years of government handouts. These parents wanted to get close to that door. They probably needed to get home quickly so they could get home and play video games and drink beer. They never learned to respect authority. Why would they be expected to teach this to their children? Probably the only time the teachers and administrators meet half of them is after their kids cause problems at school. Then, they show up to blame the adults. In our day, our parents respected the teachers, sometimes to a fault. Today, many parents of the poor view the teachers as another government entity there to do their job. Free breakfast, free lunch, soon to be free dinner. Now, I'm hearing stories about schools keeping washers and dryers on hand to wash the students' clothes. Can you believe that? Thank the liberals.

Van- Very upset about the PAL's threat to cancel the ball drop. He tries to tie this in with the Buffalo Police getting $62,000 in overtime to work at Massachusetts Avenue for the Home Makeover show. Van, this threat from Sue Gonzalez was thinly veiled. I don't believe they were ever serious about cancelling the stupid ball drop. It was just a PR move to get donations for their group. You see it all the time. At the end of every summer, you hear stories about youth football groups in the city having all of their equipment stolen. Then, they get bombarded with new equipment and other donations from SUCKERS. By the way, PAL is a joke. Years ago, they had guys like Bob Williams. He made a serious effort to get poorer kids and kids that were new to sports involved from every South Buffalo neighborhood. And they had guys like Williams in other city neighborhoods doing the same thing. Today, these leagues are all star leagues. More than half the kids are from the suburbs. I give Masiello credit for bringing it back but it's not like it used to be. By the way Van, I miss your coverage of the Bills games on the radio. Fandemonium.

Colleen- Responds to Deanna's criticism of Mickey Kearns. She says she sees Mickey everywhere and doesn't see the other South Buffalo leaders at these events. She views Byron Brown as an embarrassment to the city of Buffalo. Hey, does Terrell Owens have to give Brown back the key to the city when he leaves next week? I'm not sure how that works. Anyway, Colleen makes no mention of Deanna referring to Mickey Kearns as a "homeboy" like two other writers did last week. However, in honor of homeboys everywhere, I'd like to bring you this song by RUN DMC...

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