Friday, December 18, 2009

Buffalo Bored of Education

School Board member Ralph Hernandez has some explaining to do after a state audit found he likes to download porn on his government provided laptop. When asked to comment, Hernandez said, "Can't a man relax?"

A routine audit of laptops given to Buffalo Board of Education members has found alleged misconduct by at least two. Catherine Panepinto had her computer "scrubbed" so the auditors couldn't find any damaging information on it. Now, like a typical politician, she is making up some ridiculous reason for the scrubbing. I've watched too many murder cases where the murderers have the inside of their cars professionally cleaned right after they transport the body. Hey Paneporkchop;fess up you're guilty and you're covering something up!

Ralph "Tattoo" Hernandez has admitted that seven pornographic sites were downloaded onto his government provided computer. He has no idea how they got there. Maybe Mr. Roarke downloaded them while Tattoo was out ringing his bell awaiting the plane. In any event, these idiots control the Buffalo schools which continue to be a source of national emabrrassment. Panapinto should be forced to "scrub" Hernandez and the two should be allowed to continue doing what they do best along with the other remaining ineffective school board members:Politicize our corrupt and failing Buffalo school system.

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