Friday, December 11, 2009

crime stats 11/30-12/06

There were plenty of strange crimes last week, which are highlighted. Something about a fake $8,000 check for lottery winnings on Latona Ct.

Someone stole laundry from the laundry mat on Seneca/Indian Church. Don't they know the Salvation Army is right across the street?

An unknown white male is stalking a female employee at Tim Hortins. Actually, that could be me. I'm there practically every day but I only stalk donuts.

Two fat girls ate and left Seneca Texas Hots without paying. I always thought you had to pay first there(??).

Finally, someone on Downing St fell victim to a classic Nigerian scam. They sent in a deposit for a ficticious apartment via Western Union. The suspect lives in Ikuyi, Nigeria. Good luck with that one. Bflo Police will be dispatching a patrol car tomorrow...

Monday Nov 30th

Seneca/Kingston--Accident---1 arrest--DWI....Brandi Gillette...Kamper st
581 Fulton---larceny--copper pipes stolen from under house.
107 McCamley--crim mis--1 arrest---Efrain Alvarez....Macamley
128 Spaulding---larceny-----w/m's did remove roofing materials from job site.
44 Cushing---Burglary---large amount of damage to house and contents.
2133 S Park---(NOCO)--shoplifter--2- 30 packs beer stolen.
29 Duerstein--larceny---cash,bus tokens,personal items stolen by known person.

Tuesday Dec 1st

2627 S park--1 arrest--speeding/Obstruction---Pavel Gonzalez-Vega...No Address
Louisianna/Fulton--Suspicious Person---2 arrest---drugs...Tyshawn Bradley...Virgil st,Carlos Rodgers...Chicago st
150 Southside--crim mis/larceny from a car---window broken,stereo stolen.
851 McKinley--1 arrest--Forged Inspection sticker/Speeding---Arafat Riyashi...Holland st
325 Southside--burglary/larceny--storage area broken into..100 DVD's stolen.
290 weiss--suspicious person--W/M,230 Lbs,30's,5-11,did ring bell and ask for money and did attempt to force his way into seniors home.Susp fled in a white SUV,,,partial plate BRC
42 Kamper--threats--suspect listed.
90 Juniata---crim mis---tires on car slashed.
7 Latona court---Fraud--$8,000 check sent for lottery winnings....Check deposited and was returned to bank unpaid.(Fake)
Cazenovia Park--Assault--victim assaulted by 2 unknown suspects while walking thru park.
Ohio/Tifft--1 arrest--warrant---John Keogh...Old Lakeview rd...Hamburg
1 Fulton--larceny---slot ticket removed from machine....warrant card issued.
138 Gilbert--larceny--warrant card issued.
3 Geary--larceny--cash removed.
1770 Seneca-Burglary---front door glass kicked in---cigarettes stolen.
210 Southside--crim mis--damage to vehicle.

Wednesday Dec 2nd

S Park/Tifft--Assault--suspect listed.
156 Woodside--Assault---suspect listed.
1019 Abbott---Child abuse---2 arrests---Elizabeth Smith,Loriann Wilson...Marilla st
2412 S park--Burglary--suspect listed.
344 Perry st---Burglary--wallet removed from apartment,cash,credit cards.
56 Princeton--harassment---warrant card issued.
39 Norman--threats---1 arrest---John Marciniak..Lower Esat Hill...Colden ny
202 Weimar--Burglary--apartment entered ..victim assaulted by 2 known suspects.
69 Fulton--Burglary--window broken...2 tv's,washer/dryer,several other items stolen,copper pipes from basement removed.
220 Elk--crim mis--locks to buisness damaged.
236 Larkin--crim mis/larceny---fence damaged--several construction items stolen off flat bed truck.

Thursday Dec 3rd
431 perry--1 arrest--drugs---Suzette Craver...Kentucky st
24 Hubbell--2 arrest--Crim impersonation/Obstruction---Joseph Galiotto..Eagan Lackawanna,Gabrielle Irwin..Hubbell st
2097 Seneca--threats--1 arrest---Christopher Roberts..Princeton st
William/Smith--RUUV--1arrest--Marque Loman Luddington st
1892 Seneca--larceny--1 arrest--Justin Madejrich..Hammerschmidt
A District--1 arrest--warrant--Laron Thompson...Gates..Lackawanna
A District--1 arrest--warrant---Thomas R Burtis IIII....E Main st...Gowanda
41 Duerstein--Assault--1 arrest--Lori McDonald
S Park/Tifft--Gang Assault from 12-2...2 arrests---Walter Clark...Woodside,Davon Virgil...Woodside.
Seneca/Indian Church---larceny--laundry stolen from laundry mat.
84 Dundee--crim mis--interior car light ransacked.
202 Weimar--1 arrest for burglary from 12-2-09...Kyle Dugan..N Seine ..Cheek
124 Fulton---crim mis--window of car shot out with BB gun.
96 Arbour Lane---RUUV

Friday Dec 4th

622 S Park--larceny--locks damaged...copper pipes stolen from basement.
151 Mineral Springs--Burglary--cash,jewelry stolen...posible suspect listed.
Peremont/Glendu--Assault--person(s) unknown did stab 2 victims.
101 Pulaski--crim mis--suspect moved after start of eviction and did damge property and stole items.
2459 Seneca--crim mis---several windows broken
Tifft/S Park--assault from 12-2-09...1 arrest--juvenile
Seneca/Babcock---fight---2 arrests---Destiny Williams,Justiee Williams..seneca st
1989 Seneca--Stalking---unk W/M,mid 40's,5'6",200lbs,grey/brown hair...stalking Tim Hortons employee.
Seneca/Hayes--1 arrest---Drugs/V&T....Lee st ..Lackawanna---
1 Fulton(Casino)--1 arrest--tresspassing---Phillip Rothschild..also had drugs at holding center.
1989 Seneca--Assault--1 arrest---Robert P Cornell ...Norman st
355 Chicago-1 arrest--Falsely reporting a Hit & Run with injury----Bobby Lamar...Carl st
62 Seymour---phone threats--suspect listed.
Norman/Seneca--1 arrest--falsely reporting----Alexis Terry...Kamper st

Saturday Dec 5th

21 Lilac--Assault--1 arrest--Tricia Bengert
56 Koester---Burglary--doors damaged--cash stolen
56 Koester---Burglary(lower)--window stolen ,house ransacked.,DVD's,DVD player stolen.
172 Eden --Burglary--photo album stolen...ex boyfriend is suspect.
2093 Seneca--Burglary--garage door forced---car widshield broken,Harley motorcycle tire flattened.
222 Smith st--Burglary--side door pryed open--CD player,CD's,electric heaters stolen.
96 Cantwell--larceny---several toys & clothing stolen from the trunk of victims car.
283 Katherine--larceny---Catalytic Converter stole off car parked in the driveway.
39 Edson--larceny--license plates stolen.
1270 Clinton--UUV
A District--1 arrest---warrant---Dawn M Nailos
54 Imson---Assault--1 arrest---Michael Mitchell...Imson st
172 Eden--phone harassment---suspect listed.
21 Boone--1 arrest--Child endangering---Kathleen Sieg

Sunday Dec 6th

69 Hayden--Robbery--unk B/M,robbed victims purse at knife point.
124 Fulton--Stabbing---2 unk B/M's did stab victim when he opened door.
151 Fillmore(Metallico)----larceny---1 arrest---Randy Holloman...Fillmore ave
335 Downing--larceny--(Fraud)----victim did send a Western Union Money order for deposit on apartment---suspect (from Ikuyi, Nigeria in Africa) does not own or manage property.
323 Southside--threats --suspect listed.
2449 Seneca(Texas Red Hots)--Theft of Services---2 W/F's did eat and leave without paying.
45 Duerstein-- Crim Mis--car window broken.
911 Abbott rd---Endangering a child---juvenile was given beer---taken to Mercy Hospital for treatment.
608 S Park---Assault--1 arrest
95 Pulaski--crim mis--suspect listed.
31 Melrose--crim mis--1 arrest--Kenneth Prusinski
42 Kamper---1 arrest for Robbery from 11-30-09----David Rodriguez...Burch ave

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  1. Nice to see the old nighborhood is keeping up its rep.