Friday, December 18, 2009

crime stats 12/7-12/13

Monday Dec 7th

376 Louisianna---crim mis/larceny--storm door damage christmas decoration stolen.
S Park/Trowbridge--Crim mis/larceny from a car--window broken--GPS,tools stolen.
1091 Clinton(Clinton Auto Wrecking)--Burglary--power cut,tools stolen.
47 Pembina--Burglary--attic entered --3 guitars stolen---suspect listed.
268 Holly--larceny from a car---CD's,shoes stolen.
23 Naragansett--larceny--wallet stolen from car
886 S Park--larceny--storage area entered--copper cable,aluminum car ramps stolen.
837 Bailey(J & J Auto Parts)--susp person---2 arrests---Christian Reben..Lyman st,Jerrold Katrein...Cable st.
54 Houston--Assault--suspect listed.
350 Alabama--Contempt of court order--suspect listed.
344 Perry--harassment--suspect listed.
56 Huessy--Phone harassment
329 Southside--crim mis--graffiti on building
43 Peru pl--Susp person-2 arrests--Bart Alexander..Weiss st,Dean Williams..Fillmore ave...both suspects were in J&J Auto removing car parts.

Tue Dec 8th

837 Bailey(J & J auto parts)--1 arrest--auto stripping---Bart Alexander...Wesiis st.
412 Louisianna--Burg--apartment entered..42" TV stolen.
1402 S Park--UUV2133 S Parkshoplifetr---1 arrest---Tepearis Vives...Kamper st
699 Hopkins--larceny--suspect listed
2426 S Park--larceny---T Mobile phone stolen from bathroom sink.
589 S park--Phone harassment
180 Crystal--RUUV
2097 Seneca--1 arrest--Possesion of stolen property....Jason Caminero...N Ryan st
19 Ryan st--1 arrest--drugs---Luis Rodriguez..Bailey Ave
Fenton/Clinton--1 arrest--drugs/V&T---Daniel Marsh...Spann st
Cumberland/Meriden--1 arrest--dis con--David Beyers..Cumberland ave
70 Hayden--Robbery from 12-6-09--1 arrest--Jason Caminero...Ryan st...

Wed Dec 9th

1115 Seneca st---Burglary---door broken,cash stolen.
Louisianna/South--Purse snatch---1 arrest--Mathew Mayer..Wilmington ...N Tonawanda
212 Southside--larceny from a car---purse stolen
Lorraine/Abbott(mercy Parking Ramp)--crim mis/larceny from a car--window broken...IPOD stolen.
182 Maurice--larceny---debit card used by unknown person(s).
25 Alamo--larceny--blackberry stolen--suspect listed.
565 Abbott rd---crim mis--window broken--GPS stolen.
885 Bailey--RUUV
A District--1 arrest--warrant---Christopher Miller
McKinley/Kimmel--Assault--1 arrest--Paul Williams...Huessy st
30 Spaulding---Assault--suspect listed.
1 Fulton(Casino)--counterfeit money--suspect listed.
127 Elk--Assault--1 arrest---Jerard Knightner...Steelawana..Lackawanna
22 Leamington--threats---suspect listed.

Thur Dec 10th

683 Bailey--UUV
63 Kingston--Burglary--entry thru rear windon--computer,jewelry box stolen.
613 Fulton--crim mis/larceny from a car--door lock damaged---steroe,DVD's,CD's stolen
605 Fulton--Larceny from a car--Digital camera stolen,GPS holder,cell phone & charger,cash stolen.
24 paul pl--larceny from car---wallet stolen,stereo stolen.
515 Abbott--larceny--drivers license stolen while at Mercy hospital
27 Roanoke--larceny--Garmin GPS,Cash stolen.
153 Weiss--larceny from a car---IPOd,stereo,CD's stolen.
97 Duerstein--larceny from a car--registration stolen.
39 Griswold--crim mis/larceny from a car---car damaged,stereo equipment stolen.
383 Smith--tresspass---warrant card issued.
131 Walter--Assault--1 arrest--Stephen easney...Lincoln AVe --Dunkirk

Friday Dec 11th

2 Wildwood--larceny--cash stolen from lockbox
2097 Seneca(Seneca Liquors)--Robbery--suspect w/f,5'6",blonde hair,one piece snowmobile suit,black motorcycle helmet with clear visor.Suspect stated she had a gun.Cash stolen.
2 Wildwood--Home Invasion/Robbery---suspect did knock victim #1 down stairs,Stole cash & meds from Vic #2.
435 Chicago--UUV
Cazenovia/Seneca--crim mis--unknown suspect kicked door of van
565 Abbott---Assault--suspect listed.
418 S Park--H&R ---damage to NOCO gas pump.
1402 S park--RUUV
2228 Seneca---phone harassment---suspect listed.
1701 S Park--threats--

Sat Dec 12th

8 Roanoke--UUV
2 Wildwood--1 arrest from case on 12-11-09.--Andrew Krytus...Thorndale...West Seneca
51 St Johns Parkside(St Johns School)--Burglary
16 Hayden(Trinity Catholic)--Burglary---3 juvenile arrests for both Burglaries.
505 Abbott--fraud--caller stated victim won $1,000,000 in lottery and to take a cab to post office,then to her bank.
229 Potters--phone harassment
1937 S Park--Viol order of Protection--1 arrest---Stephen Spath
184 Altruria--threats--suspect description listed.
72 Woodside--threats--suspect listed.
42 Cantwell--assault---1 arrest--Timothy Ernle...School rd...Rome NY

Sun Dec 13th

76 Roanoke--Assault--suspect listed.
171 Southside--UUV/RUUV recovered at S Side/Hubell
77 Sage--Burglary--window on rear door broken,attempt to remove building supplies.
2346 Seneca--Assault--suspect listed.
708 Perry--larceny--black trailer stolen from yard.
212 Mackinaw--assault---1 arrest---Jesica Oziadaszek...Duerstein st
2050 S park--larceny---convertor box stolen...then returned by unk B/M(M&T Laundry)
557 Downing--larceny from a car--GPS,meter,binoculars stolen.
534 Downing--crim mis/larceny from a car--pass side window damaged--cell phone stolen.
13 Lester--trespasser--suspect listed.
279 Perry--crim mis--front door lock broken
174 Cantwell--larceny from a car-----Nextar GPS stolen
813 Abbott--Assault--

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