Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Three Men in a Room Just Became Two

According to the following article in today's Buffalo News, there appears to be an ethics crisis in Albany. Alan Hevesi, Elliott "client #9" Spitzer, Sam "daddy's boy" Hoyt, and Joseph Bruno are all mentioned as poster boys of corruption. Bruno is one of the famous "three men in a room' that made all important decisions affecting the state.

Bruno should go rot in a dark cell, but he'll probably go to a white collar prison after years of appealing his sentence. Hopefully, he'll die soon. The funniest part of the article is when political consultant Jack Cookfair says, "I really feel sorry for what he's going through. He's a really good guy. My heart goes out to him." Excuse me while I go get some tissues. Why should we feel sorry for a guy that spent his whole life ripping people off and misusing his power? Please check out the following article and try not to get too insensed. We need immediate reform in Albany starting with term limits.

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