Thursday, December 17, 2009

Police Overtime for Home Makeover

I come after the leaders of the city when I feel it's appropriate but I'll defend them if I think they are doing the right thing. Some are complaining about the $63,000 in overtime it cost the city to provide police security for the Extreme Makeover television show. I think it's a good investment. I'm also glad Kiannu Reeves is shooting his movie here. To me, The Natural was one of the best things ever to take place in Buffalo. It also turned out to be a surprise hit with the critics. If the arts people could build on these two projects and make the city more appealing to the television and film industry, I think it's money well spent. You never know. If the producers feel welcomed, the word might get around that Buffalo is a friendly, cheap place to film. But that's just my opinion.
Police OT for ‘Makeover’ isn’t seen as extreme : City & Region : The Buffalo News

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