Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Help Wanted-Smokers Need Not Apply

First Orchard Park tried to ban minorities from living in there town. Now, Amherst is trying to ban smokers from working for their town. Amherst councilmembers approved this measure last night in a 4-2 vote. The constitutionality of this move will be challenged, I'm sure. It seems like a bold move to exclude a group of people who have violated no laws. It will be interesting to see how the smokers organize to fight this.

Is anyone else old enough to remember smoke filled bars and restaurants? I'm glad non-smokers aren't subjected to secondary smoke like we used to be. I think the government would make smoking illegal if it wasn't for the huge taxes they generate from tobacco products. It's almost like the government is the drug dealer and the drug is nicotine.

Why this wasn't the main topic of the following article, only The Buffalo News can explain. In other less important news, the Amherst Pepsi center will soon be selling only Coca-Cola products...

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