Saturday, December 19, 2009

Look Ma! That Guy is Naked!

Here's a story from The Associated Press about a man convicted for being naked in his own home in Fairfax County, Virginia. It's not as it first may seem. Erick Williamson seems to be standing naked on purpose to get a reaction from passers by. He sings or makes rattling noises to get the attention of women and children. Come to think of it, this guy might be a step up from some of my current neighbors. I spoke to our legal team and we're in almost complete agreement. Put some clothes on, dude! Or at least put up some blinds. Normally, we're all for individual rights (especially in one's own home) but come on, man! People don't need to see your gross body when they're walking their kids to school in the morning.

According to the article, Williamson will receive a suspended sentence with no jail time. But if he decides to appeal, a circuit judge might impose a stiffer punishment of up to a year in jail. Yes. The writer from The Associated Press used the phrase stiffer punishment in his story. The sophomoric puns are too obvious to mention in a family blog.
Va. man convicted of in-home indecent exposure : Strange Stories : The Buffalo News

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