Sunday, December 13, 2009

At Least They Have Manners

Crime is down. Just stay away from the Broadway Market area, Grider St, Seneca St. liquor stores, or downtown Buffalo. All four areas were hit with violent robberies on Friday alone. At least these two hoodlums were contrite...
Apologetic robbers spare no aggression

A man who was robbed of $30 in cash and his cell phone Friday in downtown Buffalo, just before midnight, also got something unexpected —an apology.
The victim, Buffalo police said, was accosted by two teenagers while taking a shortcut between the Hyatt Regency Buffalo and Pearl Street. One of the bandits had a gun and the other punched the man in the face.
“Sorry we have to do this, but we really need the money,” the man’s attacker told him.
The victim suffered a bloody nose and bruises to the head, police said.

Reminds me of this classic movie scene:

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