Monday, December 14, 2009

Blow Off Your Steam Recap-Volume 1

Just a brief, and I mean very brief, commentary on what has people upset and angry this week in The Metro Community News...

-Niko-Talks about how some scam artists use charities to steal your money (ie. stores asking you to give to the poor). He's right. I only give to someone that I know and know where the money is going. For example, the United Way hired Mary Martino. What kind of idiot would give them their hard earned money?

Joan-Thinks people drive too fast on Tifft St. She's right also, especially given the amount of deer on that road. I have seen police catch people speeding there on many occasions, though. I just drive in the right hand lane and let the idiots pass me.

Billie-Very upset at the Post Office. Her note was too long so I only read the beginning. Say it in fewer words next time Billie. Anyway, you don't want to make them mad at you at the post office. "Going postal" is not just an expression. It is a statement deeply rooted with examples. If they do get violent with you, I highly recommend you take a dive and call Cellino & Barnes or the Hurt line.

Lil- Wants the readers of the Metro Community News to explain Obama's Health Care plan. Sorry,Lil. Do you realize that most readers of that paper cannot figure out how to operate their remote controls, much less solve the health care crisis?

Deanna-Uses the word "homeboy" not once but twice in her article. She says Mickey Kearns is not her favorite Councilmen. She also blasts Jimmy Griffin, claiming the next two mayors have "cleaned up" after him. I'm not here to defend Griffin's record but I don't think the next two mayors are capable of cleaning themselves up after eating spaghetti. Deanna, you live in a dream world. Stop watching so much reality TV and start educating yourself more on the issues.

Marge-The 603rd time she wrote a self congratulatory article. Doesn't she realize that patting yourself on the back in South Buffalo is right up there with giving yourself your own nickname? She talks about her club as if it's privately funded. They get thousands of dollars from local elected officials and they have like six known members. It says in her article on some Christmas tree lighting that "Santa arrived in a Hollywood station fire truck." What she fails to mention is that all the kids ran and tackled County Legislator Tim Kennedy in an apparent case of mistaken identity. Marge will be out 3-6 weeks with a torn rotator cuff. She reinjured it while patting herself on the back yet again. Really, after reading that diatribe, I need to know what she smokes every day because it must be some very good stuff.

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