Saturday, December 5, 2009

Pascall Completes 5K Walk With Help From Bambi

Congratulations to Mike Pascall for completing his first 5K (3.1 miles) walk today. Mike walked in the Medaille College Reindeer 5K race to benefit the Main St school's athletics program. The race went up Main St. to East Delevan through Forrest Lawn Cemetery before wrapping up on Main St. Pascall overcame a bad sinus ailment, knee problems, and restless leg syndrome (ok I made the third one up) to complete the course in just under 59:10. He surprised many of his closest friends by finishing the course.

Pascall joked that the toughest part of the walk was walking by two guys digging an open grave in the cemetery at around the two mile mark. One of our staff photographers snapped this photo of a six point buck that walked right in front of Pascall just before the three mile mark apparently to cheer him on.(Please click on the photo for a much better view.) The deer was about 20 yards from Main St in the heart of the city. Pascall said his next goal is to shed some weight and reduce his time for his next walk. If he stays on his current track, he will meet this goal with no problems. During this race, everyone was in front of Pascall. But regarding the bigger picture, everyone's behind him.

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