Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ground Chuck Gets Scolded on Airplane

The sign behind this pompous weasel says it all.

Senator Chuck Schumer recently became upset when a member of a flight crew told him he needed to shut off his cell phone like everyone else. I guess he feels he should be above the rules. I'm better than you. I'm a senator. You can't tell me what I can do. What a jerk. Someone should have thrown this arrogant spoiled punk right off the plane in mid flight. It's laughable when these people try to masquerade as one of us. They are so out of touch with everyday working Americans, it's ridiculous.
Sen. Schumer regrets comment to flight attendant : World & Nation : The Buffalo News


  1. why the Hell is be flying anyway? tell him to get his a$$ on the train.

  2. I agree. Maybe then, he'd find less to whine about.