Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oral Roberts (1918-2009)

Proving that only the good die young, Oral Roberts passed away today at the age of 91 in Newport Beach, California.His real first name, which he probably should have stuck with, was Granville. Roberts will best be remembered for having a college with a crappy basketball team named after him. He will also be forever known as the guy who said God would "call him home" if his church didn't meet it's fundraising goal of $8 million dollars in the mid 80s. He was able to raise $9.1 million dollars. Phew! Talk about a close call.

Roberts started out doing tent revivals as a traveling faith healer in the South during the late 70s. In 1983, Roberts claimed that Jesus had appeared to him in person and commissioned him to find a cure for cancer. He and his son also claimed that he raised a young boy from the dead, which I'm sure is a great trick to do at parties. I think this guy might have been on to something. We will be having a tent revival this coming Thursday from 5-7PM on the corners of Abbott and Potters Rd. If 200 people don't read this blog tomorrow, God will call me home.
I've obtained this rare footage of Oral Roberts healing a young boy named Billy Ray. I take back any bad thing I've ever said about him:

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