Monday, November 22, 2010

Fire in Cazenovia Park

Someone started a large fire in Cazenovia Park last night. The fire department was forced to tear up the golf course to put it out. It's very sad. I know the outdoor soccer club can't leave their soccer goals up for very long or they get destroyed by neighborhood scumbags. The volunteer in charge of equipment received a call last week telling him the goals had been picked up and moved to Cazenovia Street by unknown vandals.

The thing that bothers park goers the most is how pointless most of the vandalism is. I think the people who do these things (and they are white, black, and hispanic) are so used to getting everything for free that they don't understand the value of things. When they damage a playground, they know the government will provide money to replace it. It really comes down to personal responsibility, which they obviously aren't learning at home...



  1. "used to getting everything for free that they don't understand the value of things"

    That's correct because these vandals are between the ages of 13-18. The Park has been a place for kids to booze for... well christ my parents drank there and I'm 30. What these dummies don't get is that they just exposed their spot. At 16 I wouldn't have thought a giant park fire was a bad idea, I would have enjoyed the warmth. Drinking will cease because police presents will most likely increase at the Park. Notice how crowded Abbott Rd. will be for they next few months on Friday and Saturday nights. It's not their fault they're idiots, so was I, so were you and so were your folks at that age.

  2. My father who's 72 remembers going as a Timon kid to the park for God's sake. As a Mercy student it's tradition to walk the path behind Potters to go "under the bridge" and hang out. Now I'm hitting 40. They still do it. We'd get some crap beer like Busch and drink freezing our ass off. Idiots...We'd sneak behind houses like paladino's into the woods to get to the foot bridge. Now that they set the place on fire cops are going to be all over the place. So the side streets and Abbott is going to be littered with drunk kids. Next stop, ripping up people's yards and street signs.

  3. yea. i don't care if they congregate there or start a bonfire in the woods. my problem is when they purposely do damage to the casino, the sports equipment, the playground equipment, and various memorials within the park.

    the stuff you guys mention(hanging out with friends) is fine, but there is so much vandalism these days. if we leave the nets up on the soccer goals for example, they either start them on fire or cut them into pieces with knives. and that's if they're considerate enough not to steal them completely.

  4. Well thats the other side of the creek... no offense if your from Seneca Street.

  5. Why don't you put your nets away after the game ? Its not your park.

  6. "Why don't you put your nets away after the game ? Its not your park."

    I don't run any of the outdoor leagues so it's not my decision. They leave the nets up for two reasons: 1)the coaches are already volunteering their time with the kids.asking them to also set up and take down nets is too time consuming and won't happen. 2)leaving the nets up gives neighborhood kids the opportunity to practice on the fields when there aren't games going on.

    I apologize if I offended your love of park vandals in any way. they are such important upstanding members of the community and need to be respected as such.

  7. Different anonymous poster...I'm the one "hitting 40." I actually know Mike, but I don't want my name up here.

    Seneca St kids, Timon/Mercy Kids, doesn't matter...when you get drunk, you do dumb things.

    However, I don't remember us bringing paint cans because we were more concerned about whose brother was going to buy the beer. But I do remember being fixated on street signs!

    But recently? Seneca Street has become a nightmare...and not just kids. People getting beat up, stabbed, everyday people being afraid to go home when it's dark.

    But Olmstead Parks should do something about those nets. Isn't soccer season over for high school? Sorry, I was a volleyball player for The Mount. Take them down!

    Damn. It's hard enough for them to turn the water sprinkler on when it's 85 out, but when it's 50 out and leaves rustling about it's on. IMO, The Parks Department should be on top of their game. They dropped the ball.

    We lived right across the street from the fields. Walking our dogs in between beer cans on a weekend was bad enough. I don't think you can blame this one on Seneca...Spray paint and clubhouse maybe...

  8. "Seneca St kids, Timon/Mercy Kids, doesn't matter...when you get drunk, you do dumb things."

    I agree with this 100% Also, once the summer/fall season is over, they should take down the nets. I know the S Bflo Soccer Club took down theirs. I think the only ones still up belong to the high school leagues. The season is over. If anything happens to them now, it is their own fault for not taking them down promptly. But I was talking about keeping them up in June/July when there are 3-4 games a week going on at some fields.

  9. "But I was talking about keeping them up in June/July when there are 3-4 games a week going on at some fields. "

    Hitting 40 again...

    Yeah, that's sad when you can't even have a nice place to go to like Caz for your children to play because it's vandalized.

    I remember going to the Casino when it was a pool. Clean, nice fun. Great playground and LUNCHES, lol...

    I also remember being in JV softball playing in the back field by the clubhouse before they turned it around. Smart move. I put a couple skyrockets through 3 windshields when I played ball there. Still, clean, nice fun...

    Taking our dogs to the creek to swim...before there was enough glass broken so you couldn't get to the creek.

    Just seems to me that things are escalating. People aren't obeying the speed limit signs anymore. And the cops were always on you. We could see it from our living room or kitchen window. How are they going to stop kids from breaking into things or painting?

    Now we're cutting 10k into a budget...Seems to me if we didn't CUT that budget so much to begin with we'd have a lovely park system again.

    I spoke with the woman in charge of making arrangements for the Casino after the GOTV Rally before the primary. It's $125 for 4 hours to have the Casino and they won't let you do anything. It's $85 at the Ridge basically all day and you have shelter and can bring booze(they made exceptions for the primary rally). No wonder that Casino doesn't have more functions at it.

    I just think they made cuts in the wrong directions and overpaid people in the new positions. And the lack of police presence is appalling.