Sunday, September 5, 2010

Letter to the editor-Bulletin board material

Our good friend and neighbor Marty Farrell gives Trent Edwards and company some incentive for their first game. Why do I have a feeling this letter has already been posted somewhere in the locker room at One Bills Drive?

Opening Day may not be pretty

Bill Polian had a legitimate reason several years ago when he told the media and fans to “get out of town” because he had a competitive football team.

Unfortunately Chan Gailey isn’t in the same boat and this cast of flunkies deserves all the ridicule until they can prove otherwise. If he thinks training camp is bad, wait until he feels the wrath of 75,000 drunks voicing their opinion.

Martin Farrell

West Seneca



  1. What happened to this post?

    "What happens in Washington follows you to Buffalo"

  2. Hey Mike, did you get a few bucks for taking this one down? "What happens in Washington follows you to Buffalo". Give us the scoop!!

  3. did you get a few bucks for taking this one down? "What happens in Washington follows you to Buffalo".

    No. i wish i was offered a few bucks. i would certainly take it. My post was in response to some comments an anonymous person sent regarding my story on Dave "Donuts" Thomas. I assumed it was a particular person who had sent it, but I'm not sure since they didn't attach their name to the post. It actually could be any one of the mindless orphans that don't like me, because I have the nerve to think for myself.

  4. I will see you at S.B.C.S. school board meeting with a blown up picture, September 14th

  5. Good! Then I'll know who you are, nobody will care about your non-story, and I can make you the daily subject of future blog stories. We'll talk about how perfect you are and how you would never kiss anyone's ass to get your job.

    I went to a bar with two friends and a bunch of college age kids followed me there. Who cares? 19 and 20 yr olds drink downtown every weekend. I didn't serve them or buy them drinks. That was 10 years ago and it was a non-event then. You seem to have a lot of anger in you over nothing.