Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Questions about candidate's residency

Something fishy is going on in regards to Mickey Kearns' vacant Common Council seat. In fact, it smells worse than a two foot sucker floating along the banks of Cazenovia Creek on a hot summer day. It was first reported a few days ago, by an anonymous reader, that potential appointee Tom Sullivan may have recently purchased a house in West Seneca. This is no surprise, since the entitled lad was hired by West Seneca Town Supervisor Sheila Meegan as one of her gophers. 

In fact, a quick look at  West Seneca Town Board meeting minutes from January 4th, 2012, yielded this result...

Motion by Supervisor Meegan, seconded by Councilman Hart, that Thomas Sullivan be appointed as Secretary to the Supervisor at an annual salary of $43,195 as established by the 2012 budget and authorize the Supervisor to complete and sign the necessary forms for Erie County Personnel.
Councilman Hart understood that Mr. Sullivan did not live in West Seneca but would be moving to town shortly.
Supervisor Meegan stated that Mr. Sullivan was in the process of buying a home in West Seneca. She further commented that he is a grantwriter, has worked with Senator Kennedy in Albany, has a lot of experience to bring to the town.
Lots of experience? I think Meegan has been listening to her wackjob father for too long. With skills like his, it makes you wonder why Sullivan hasn't taken his considerable talents to the private sector. (I apologize if you're driving and I just made you spill your drink.) 

He's a 24 year old political neophyte and needs to be eliminated from consideration immediately. He obviously didn't apply the first time because he either moved to West Seneca or was planning on doing so. How about appointing a guy who actually cares about the district enough to live there?  If he hasn't already purchased a home in West Seneca, Sullivan needs to do so. Don't let the door hit you on the way out, Trojan. Get the hell out of the Blogger's beloved neighborhood!

Sullivan, I'm told, is also on a list for the Buffalo Fire Department. Despite living in West Seneca or soon to be living in West Seneca, we all know he will be the first one called after the "South Buffalo phone call" is made. Such is life when you're a member of the entitled class. Why would we want to give a high paying city job to someone from the city?

What an insult this attempted anointing is to the 11 people who applied for the vacancy (at least to the 9 who actually live in the district.) Any Councilmember supporting Sullivan's candidacy is destined to be met with serious opposition. Talk about unmitigated gall from the entitled.

            I know we don't live here anymore
We bought an old house on the Danforth
She loves me and her body keeps me warm
I'm happy there
But this is where we used to live


  1. Hey mike, this is Tom sullivan, I left my job on good terms in west Seneca. You know nothing about me, not even my age. I have never moved from south buffalo and as of recent I left my job in west Seneca to stay in buffalo. Next time you consider writing about a candidate, have the facts straight. I've been on the fire list for 4 year and have not been reached yet. If you need more information on me, call me. It does not seem like you are the type of person who has respect for people or their careers. I feel sorry that you continue to write lies about people. I love south buffalo and have a passion for helping the people. What do you do to help the people? That's what I thought. Maybe some day you will learn respect and then introduce yourself to me.

  2. "What do you do to help the people?"

    I've run youth organizations serving thousands of S Bflo families for the past 23 years. Unfortunately, I'm not entitled to no-show government jobs like others, so I work in the private sector. Here's your chance: Please tell my readership what you've done as a volunteer or in the private sector if you'd like to state your case.

    I know your brother and sister, and they're both nice people. However, I don't know you or I would have introduced myself. I don't have anything against you personally, however, I'm an outsider and you're obviously an insider. As long as I'm an outsider, I'll continue to write. I do wish you luck in your efforts. I ran in 2001 for the same seat.

  3. In the January 2012 WS town Board minutes, Sheila Meegan stated you were in the process of buying a house in WS. The minutes were public information. That was the basis for people questioning your resideny. I had no idea until other readers brought it to my attention.

  4. Hey Tom, how would u have taken the fire job. Every time you bartend you talk about how your back hurts and how you need loratabs. I do like how you stuck up for yourself with that ahole Blake but I also think that you were never intending to move into ws because you thought you were a shoo inn for the fire department. Why would you leave a job if you had nothing to fall back on. Sounds like you were asked to leave not you chose to leave. Although Blake should get his facts straight you should tell the truth. Ron (ws committeeman)

  5. Hey Tom, I don't know you but you sound just as stupid as mike does by calling him out. Mike started the south buffalo soccer club that know has hundreds of kids every year. My 2 kids who now are 21 and 19 played in this league there whole life. They still have friendships they made there. If you ask me he cares about south buffalo youth just as much as anybody. The problem with mike is he don't give a shit about the adults. He will talk about anybody and he don't give a crap. But to say he's done nothing for sb is crazy. If anything what have you done except collect a pay check.

  6. If he hasn't been called for the fire job by now, something's very wrong. They've scraped the bottom of the barrel twice on that list.

  7. "... I don't know you or I would have introduced myself."

    Is this not the point of an introduction?

  8. Mike

    What I think Tom is saying is that you should get your "facts" staight before you put it in the blog. Don't pretend you "know" something is a fact when you really don't. It is hurtful to a person's reputation to put something out as a "fact" when in fact it is not. Perhaps you should make this an opinion blog or a rant blog if you can't get the facts straight.

  9. "I do like how you stuck up for yourself with that ahole Blake"

    Hey Ron: Why don't you tell us a little about yourself. Do you have a degree? Do you work in the private sector? What's your last name? I put mine out there. Let us all know. I'd love to talk about how important you are to this community. Instead of just calling someone an a-hole, why not show us how much of an intellectual you are. At least Tom Sullivan talked about issues with his comment. The purpose of my original post was to get people talking and get to the bottom of the story. Obviously, something doesn't add up. I also questioned Lafferty's credentials and Scanlon's backers' integrity, to be fair.

  10. And Ron, to be bringing up Loratabs is way out of bounds. If you're going to make up something this low about someone, you should sign your whole name. That way, people can come out of the woodwork to talk about how perfect you are. I hear things about people all the time, and I've never had someone accuse Sullivan of being a drug user. My post was about residency. What you are accusing him of is low on your part.

  11. "... I don't know you or I would have introduced myself."

    Is this not the point of an introduction?

    In other words, I don't know of any time I've ever been in the same room as Tom. I know John, but do not know what Tom looks like. I'll be the first to admit, I'm a bit of an introvert. Sometimes socially awkward. If I don't introduce myself to somebody, it's not meant to be any slight against them. It's just my personality. If Tom's a decent guy (like most people seem to say), I'd probably have nothing against him personally. In fact, I'll even sign his petition for Councilman this summer, but only if he signs mine for state senate.

  12. "THEY'VE SCRAPED THE BOTTOM OF THE BARREL TWICE"...complete nonsense, they are at about 80 for white males out of thousands. I wish the kid luck, he comes from a great family and has lived in Buffalo all his life.

  13. When are you announcing your senate seat?

    1. Looks like in about a month (right before petitions come out). I'm a reluctant candidate, but I've said for awhile now, as long as I'm on the outside, I plan on being involved as an independent democrat.

  14. considering how popular loratabs are in this area i wouldnt doubt it if he did pop loratabs. it sounds like west seneca was scraping the bottom of the barrel, not the bfd. must be nice to have multiple possible jobs, when so many of us are praying to have just one. most city jobs and political jobs are the south buffalo lottery, but this lotto is rigged. mike blake doesnt lie just like our elected officials dont either. tom sed he loves helping people??!!?? did he attend everest college in canada? sounds like his money was tight but it wasnt right nah mean. looks like we have an ol' blogger beef, ron can be a dick too. u got competition for this cushy blogger job ya got (ha)

  15. COOLIDGE RD. GUYMay 10, 2012 at 10:22 AM

    instead of praying for a job , take the test... EVERY FEMALE AND BLACK THAT PASSED THE TEST WAS HIRED..... EVERY SINGLE ONE.......

  16. that would be great if i was a black transexual. white males are the most scrutnized people as far as civil service tests go. how does 3 members of a 5 member family make it onto the police force? how does a drug user get hired? its not luck its how it works around here. maybe mike can divulge some more information about the elite families work history and the connection that thay have. thats the only thing i dnt like about bflo. that and puerto rican flags.