Sunday, August 2, 2009

Amber alert! Please help us bring these people back to the city

An amber alert has just been issued for two city of Buffalo Commisioners , the Chief of staff for the Buffalo Board of Education , and the lead community superintendent of Buffalo. We are trying to locate these people and they are no where to be found. After they leave downtown at 2PM, they are rarely seen within the city of Buffalo:

James Kane- former S Bflo resident, chief of staff Bflo public schools. Last seen in West Seneca.

James Comerford, Commisioner of Permits and Licenses. Last seen in East Aurora.

Dave Thomas, director of Physical Education, Last seen in East Amherst.

Mark Frazier, Lead Community Superintendent at an annnual salary of $129,075. It doesn't say what community he leads. Last seen in Hamburg.

If you see any of these people within the city limits, please approach them with caution and contact the nearest residency officer immediately. They may be trying to get no show jobs or extra part time jobs for their kids and could be in an agitated state. James Kane just helped the entitled Comerford's daughter land a do nothing job with the Board of Education. Thomas has his son coaching three high school school sports teams. I don't know the East Amherst resident but a good source tells me he's not much of a coach. Kane's kids are too young but don't worry. Expect them to be handed something soon. These are the privileged elite we are talking about. They are better than us. We are of the lowly peasantry. I only hope to someday be mentioned in the same breath as them.


  1. You rule!
    You forgot to mention Mark Frazier. He's either third or fourth in command of the Buffalo Public Schools. His title is lead community super. Nice. His home in HAMBURG, was featured in Buffalo Spree a couple of years back.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks for the lead. I'll definitely check it out.

  3. you ought to tone it down, mike. this is no way to get a gym job in buffalo.

  4. If my last name was Comerford, Kane, Fitzpatrick, etc., they would have probably given me a job before I even finished school. None of them would ever coach anything 12 months a year for 19 straight years. The subjects of my posts don't respect me so I don't respect them. I hope they've packed a lunch because I love to compete.

  5. It's sad that one needs to keep their mouth shut in order to get a job. These people have never applied for a job in their lives. Great work Mike. Keep it up.

  6. Mike, You founded the South Buffalo Soccer Club when you were still a teenager & nurtured it for almost 20 years. You've EARNED your BA and MA. Although you didn't beat out the incumbant, you still fought a good fight for Councilman a few years back. Maybe they should hire you for residency inspector...

  7. More BPS news: "Dr" Odalade has been given a new title and most likely a raise. She is now the deputy superintendent. Can't wait for her to restart the Ebonics program in BPS.

  8. And who pays you mike? Oh right. Mickey Kearns. And how did you get your job? You are completely full of it and dead wrong about most of what you post.

  9. Who pays me? The South Bflo Charter School. I do a four week soccer camp for Mickey and will make about $250 for the whole year. In fact, next year I'll probably run the camp privately and make 5 times that. How did I get my job? I went to the school, showed them my masters degree, and said I was interested in subbing if they needed subs. 4 people there knew me (I didn't know any of them worked there) and they told the principal I'd be good there. See it is possible to get a job by actually being good at something! So who is dead wrong about what they post?

  10. You are dead wrong just about everything you post Mike. You don't have any facts straight when it comes to local politicians or (your bizarre other target)local educators. You are mad at anyone who has a job in BPS because you can't get one. You started as a soccer coach (a poor one at that) in Mayor's summer youth 25 years ago and you haven't found a new job since then.
    Just a tip, unlike Charter Schools, you have to apply and interview to get a job in Buffalo Schools...not simply flash your Masters degree.
    Finally, just for clarification sake, you knew people at SBCS and that is why you got the big time subbing gig you landed there or you interviewed?!

  11. Wow. nothing like "keyboard courage". I'll try and respond to what you wrote. If my facts are wrong, please enlighten us and tell us what is incorrect. Most of what I write is opinion. 1.You say I'm a poor soccer coach. You got me there on that one. 2. You said I started 25 years ago. Last time I checked, they don't give summer youth jobs to 12 year olds. I was actually 19. I was never able to get a summer youth job as a youth because I wasn't a member of the entitled class. I was hired when someone else found a new job and they needed a responsible adult to supervise. They couldn't find one, so they asked me instead. 3.As far as not finding a new job since, I recently resigned (on good terms) my full time job of 7 years to complete my student teaching.(They both were day shifts) 4.I have applied to teach in Bflo but haven't been called for an interview (it must be because of my reputation as a poor soccer coach).5. At SBCS, I showed up there to drop off some trophies to parents (who worked there). Since BPS wasn't interested in my services, I inquired about subbing. A few people there knew me (from poorly coaching their kids) and recommended me to the principal.
    It's been tough trying to keep the soccer programs strong and pay my bills but thanks to supportive people like you, we continue to provide programs on par with our wealthiest suburban neighbors.
    P.S. If you want to write 5 more nasty things about me, you're welcome to do so. I probably could add 5 worse things about myself for you. Good luck though. On the bright side, since you're anonymous, people won't know who you are when I respond and belittle your lack of intellect.