Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Nice example

This is why I always laugh when people compare the test scores of Buffalo schools versus their counterparts in the suburbs. Do incidents like this happen on a regular basis in Williamsville or Clarence? I doubt it...

Battle failed to attend a parent-teacher conference that had been scheduled for May 10 to deal with her complaints that the sixth-grade teacher singled out her daughter as a classroom troublemaker, according to prosecutors Sara N. Ogden and Patrick B. Shanahan.

Battle entered the classroom at about 10 a. m. the next day and repeatedly hit the teacher in front of her class, prosecutors said.

Principal Denise Luka and Battle’s boyfriend pulled Battle away from the injured teacher, and Battle fled, prosecutors said. She was taken into custody at her home before noon that day.

This incident tells you who is running the schools. This Jerry Springer guest-in waiting needs to be dealt with harshly by the courts. There should be no slap on the wrist. Do we want incidents like this to become more common or do we want to discourage them?

It's a good thing Battle's babydady was there to pull her off of the teacher. It's no wonder half the kids in the public schools know nothing about conflict resolution. This is what they see at home every day.

Mother admits assaulting teacher in daughter’s class - Erie County - The Buffalo News

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