Sunday, September 12, 2010

Brian Higgins and Sam Hoyt- Sons of privilege

Brian Higgins, in endorsing Sam Hoyt's reelection for his 65th term, talks about how cynical people are these days towards politicians. I can't imagine why that is? He points out that he and Sam are better equipped to deal with the problems our society faces today because both were born into privileged political families. That's actually how he starts this speech. Listen to how arrogant Higgins sounds when he says that he and Hoyt are "students of government". Translation: Neither one has ever held a non-government job in their lives. Both have been handed job after job since the days of their privileged youth. Hilarious.

Students of government? If these two are students of government, I'd like to see their grades. It reminds me of the scene in Caddyshack where the judge says, "My father and your father prepped together. They went to war together. They built this place. Let's face it. Some people simply don't belong." And then Chevy Chase says,"Judge, my father never liked your father."

The students of government! That's going to be Higgins' and Hoyt's new nickname. We think entitled, fortunate sons might be more appropriate, though. I put together this little clip that I'd like to offer free of charge to the Joe Golombek campaign.

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