Monday, September 20, 2010

Billboard on Tifft St.

In 2000, I scored #1 on a test for Youth Program Monitor. After the ruling class decided to give the job to the person who scored #2 (yes, they can do that), I decided to run for office. Tim Kennedy was out in the streets telling everyone how it wasn't right that I was "going against the party" and all I knew was the game of soccer. Now, I have the unique pleasure of informing people about Tim Kennedy:

-Tim Kennedy supported Mary Martino (who doesn't even live in Buffalo anymore) over James Griffin the next year, when Griffin sent her packing for the city council seat. He went with the status quo like he always does.

-Two years ago, he and his life partner Brian Higgins had a headquarters set up for three-decade incumbent Bill Stachowski on Abbott Rd. and Dorrance Ave.
Kennedy told you to "Stick with Stack" and that we "needed Stachowski's clout in Albany." We now know what a lie that was. Again, Timmy was enamored with the status quo.

-Kennedy supported Byron Brown over South Buffalo resident Mickey Kearns for mayor just last year.
Kennedy was part of the "South Buffalo Team" (whatever that means) that should have been banned for using controlled substances. After winning the election,Brown abruptly left South Buffalo out of the millions of dollars in block grant funding which the rest of the city received. (Remember all the money that went out to the East side barbershops?) Timmy supported Brown because he was part of the status quo.

-Last week, we showed you Kennedy buddying up to New York City fossil Ed Koch, after Koch, Carl McCall, and Alphonse TA'mato sent out a negative letter against South Buffalo resident Carl Paladino, bragging about New York's proud history of leadership. If I was in Kennedy's position, I would have told Koch to go back to Manhattan and jump off the nearest bridge. Not Timmy. Timmy loves people like Ed Koch. Witness him in this clip drooling over him like a hot fudge sundae. I'm actually embarrassed for Timothy. Who symbolizes the New York status quo more than Ed Koch?

-Kennedy is being backed by Steve Pigeon.
Pigeon represents the lowest form of life on this planet. He likes to send out anonymous fliers with lies about his opponents and is the subject of several ongoing investigations. He is certainly no agent of change.

-Kennedy is backed by Jim Keane.
Everyone in South Buffalo and Western New York are onto the Keanes.
We all know their objective is to get their hands on our tax dollars and to get as many no-show jobs for their relatives as humanly possible. This is common knowledge. Jim Keane, who resides in Florida most of the year courtesy of our tax dollars, is a running joke around Erie County. You can always tell when he's lying-his lips are moving. Keane epitomizes the status quo more than anyone I've mentioned, and he's one of the guys running Timmy's campaign. The Keanes know everyone is on to their tiresome act, so they've taken to recruiting a stooge to do their bidding for them. Kennedy is a "Keane in sheep's clothing." Don't be fooled.

-You can call me a jerk for reporting these opinions if you want. I'm an outsider. I don't work for government and I could care less. If I'm wrong, please comment and tell me what is untrue about what I've written. Kennedy is the odds-on favorite to win this seat. To lose, he'd have to pull a "Jim Keane" and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Tim Kennedy does whatever is in Tim Kennedy's best interest at the moment. He is no leader. He is part of the status quo. He will not back any real change, despite what his lawn signs might say.

Most of the people at his primary night party work for government and already have one hand on your wallet. Their kids aren't leaving for the Carolinas like yours are. They don't have to. By
prostituting themselves to guys like Kennedy, their kids receive jobs at the Water Authority, the DMV, HEAP, and the Buffalo Board of Education (to name a few). Most are political opportunists with little or no talent. They're the ones who hate me the most because I expose them for what they are-degenerates. For the reasons mentioned above, Kennedy will not be receiving my vote in November.

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