Sunday, September 12, 2010

Brian Higgins explains why he's better than us

Listen to Brian Higgins endorsing perennial incumbent Sam Hoyt.I know you can probably only stomach about 30 seconds of this crap, but it is in the first 30 seconds where Higgins explains why he and Hoyt are better equipped than the rest of us to know what is going on. He talks about how people are very cynical today but he and Sam are "students of government", because both of their fathers were elected officials. In non-political terms, this is known as horseshit. If I was in the crowd when Higgins made this statement, I probably would have burst out laughing at him.

He says, "we were brought up in homes where politics was a positive force for people in their lives." What the hell is he talking about? Most people I know see politics as an obstacle. A positive force? Higgins needs to look outside his window and maybe take a walk around Babcock St. and see what positive forces he finds.

He says he and Hoyt, because they grew up in political families have "a sense of vision." Well, when does he plan on showing it to us? I know we've all been waiting over 30 years to see this great vision Higgins talks about, but don't worry, Brian and Sam are right on the cusp of it. Seriously, watch this clip and keep in mind, neither one of these guys has ever had to apply for a job or go to an interview their entire life. Also, I'm assuming Higgins didn't smoke grass before he went up and spewed this nonsense from the podium.

He and Sam "I Am" Hoyt are the "fortunate sons" of former politicians. They were anointed by neighborhood hoodlums and sycophants and people keep drinking their poisonous cool aid and believing garbage like Higgins gives us in this clip. Talk about a load of crap. Higgins and Hoyt need to go work a shift at Len-Co Lumber or Russer Foods and find out what real working people do every day...

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