Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Last Train to Clarksville

This was a funny story from channel 7. Assembly speaker Sheldon Silver said if Carl Paladino wins the governor's race, people should consider leaving the state. Paladino responded by buying him a one way, $75 Amtrak ticket to Washington D.C.. It is dated for November 3rd, 2010. I don't know what Silver is waiting for. He might as well leave now. Win or lose, this is a movement generated by Paladino and Silver's days in Albany are numbered either way. The people are finally beginning to smarten up on career criminals like Silver. It is much bigger than the Tea Party Movement. There are Democrats and Republicans sick of the way New York has been mismanaged by Cuomo I, Wacky Pataki, Client #9, and the current drug addict serving as governor.

Personally, I think Amtrak is too good for Silver. Paladino should have bought him a Megabus ticket and had him seated next to some smelly, overweight, obnoxious Irishman...

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