Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bus Station cyclist acquitted

The 65 year old man arrested for using the bathroom at the NFTA bust station downtown was acquitted yesterday.

Enoch "Edsil" Cook was found not guilty Monday by a judge who lauded the willingness of a witness to testify about Cook's run-in with a transit cop after he parked his bicycle and went to the men's room at the downtown bus terminal.

The acquittal followed a half-day, nonjury trial at which Dorothy Fuller of Buffalo disputed the claims by Transit Officer Adam Brodsky that Cook, 65, fought with him after being told he was under arrest for illegally using the restroom.

City Judge James A.W. McLeod said convicting Cook of anything would be a "miscarriage of justice."

The man was beaten in front of a witness and spent a night in jail. It doesn't appear as though he was being belligerent. I hope he has contacted a lawyer and I hope he sues the NFTA and the cop, also.

Cyclist who used NFTA restroom acquitted - Courts - The Buffalo News


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