Thursday, September 16, 2010

Don't believe what you read in the paper

It's a good thing people are getting their news these days from crackpot bloggers like myself, instead of the traditional media. I couldn't believe it when I read Tom Precious' article in today's Buffalo News, basically writing off Carl Paladino's candidacy. Should Paladino go on to win in November against Andrew Cuomo, Precious should seriously consider resigning and taking a job at Target stocking shelves.

Precious tries to quantify something which can't be measured. He doesn't realize how angry voters are these days. The fact is even moderate Democrats and Republicans are angry with the handpicked, status quo candidates the major parties keep trying to stuff down our throats (see Rick Lazio). The voters seem to finally be on to their schemes after all of these years. From Precious' article:

Democrats and many political analysts give Paladino no chance against Andrew M. Cuomo, unless something unknown emerges to dent the Democratic candidate.

Nothing is or will be known about Cuomo, because he's going to duck and send out feel good advertising, making New York state out to be some kind of Margaritaville. He'll have his behind the scenes hacks trying to paint Paladino as insane (for actually trying to bring real change to Albany). We saw it today when Ed Koch, Alphonse Tomato, and Carl McCall dusted off their cobwebs and wrote a letter (probably written in crayon) telling us how horrible Paladino was. I love it when entrenched lobbyists tell us who is good and who is bad and try to come off as being independent. Precious goes on to quote Douglass Muzzio, a Manhattan political science professor...

"How do you run a race when you have called the speaker of the Assembly 'Hitler' and when you say you will take a baseball bat to Albany? We've already had [former Gov. Eliot L. Spitzer] and his 'steamroller.' We'd be moving from dysfunction to psychosis," said Douglas A. Muzzio, a professor at Baruch College in Manhattan.

Nevertheless, said Muzzio, the Baruch professor, "there's no foreseeable circumstance in which Paladino wins."

I hate to burst Muzzio's bubble, but I've spoken to many Independents and Democrats who can't wait to vote for Paladino. He's energized the race with his straight talk. Cuomo couldn't be a better symbol of the dysfunctional status quo that has gotten us to where we are- the verge of bankruptcy. When Muzzio was sitting in his ivory tower, babysitting college kids, Carl Paladino was out in the community taking risks and creating jobs for people. What jobs did Mario Cuomo or the entitled Andrew Cuomo ever create? Jobs for their rich relatives, maybe. Tom Precious should go out to any barber shop or restaurant and speak to everyday people, not liberal, out of touch political science professors from Manhattan.

Can Paladino really win it all? - City & Region - The Buffalo News


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